Film competition – part 8


Sprague-Thomson first-class car interior in 2007.

(Click picture to see original on the Discover France website.)

We thought that our last question with the iconic picture of the Sprague metro coaches crossing the Seine in Paris would bring in a great crop of entries. But, much to our surprise mystery film 7 stumped everybody except Mike Winslow who guessed correctly: Barnardo Bertolucci’s 1972 mainstream cinema debut, Last Tango in Paris.

The score is now: Mike Winslow in the lead with 3 points, Gavin Whitelaw – 2 points, Alex Fitch and Dyspozytor trailing behind with one point each.

Incidentally a number of the Sprague coaches survive on a disused section of the Paris metro. Some great photographs taken by Rookinella can be seen on the Dark Places website.

Unidentified Flying Engine?

Today’s mystery picture is rather unusual. Who will be the first to guess the film?


5 Responses to “Film competition – part 8”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    The Ghost Train

  2. Mike Winslow Says:

    This I think is from a ’50’s film. The title escapes me. but it was a war film about a British sailor taking on a German cruiser armed with just a rifle. His name was Brown and he was played by an American actor. There were all sorts of funny train scenes, it gave the enthusiast a field day. His Mum was played by Wendy Hiller.

  3. Mark Judd Says:

    Ghost Train 1941

  4. John Savery Says:

    The Ghost Train (1941), believe the loco is 6014 King Henry VII. Location looks like Langstone Rock, on the Devon coast between Dawlish Warren and Dawlish. A great vantage point of the GW main line. You can just see the Exe estuary in the background of the shot. This loco was one of only 2 streamlined locos the GWR experimented with. The other was Manorbier Castle.

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