Smigiel obituary censored!


The censored obituary

Some Polish friends thought that the death of the Smigiel Railway as a working railway (and maybe its complete death) deserved a little more publicity than the ‘birthday party’ being organised by Smigiel Town Council. Accordingly they drafted an obituary notice to appear in the pages of the local press. Here is the text translated into English.

The Smigiel Railway


We announce with great sorrow the passing away of our narrow gauge railway in 2011. The line suffered a long illness caused by the lack of interest shown by local government. It was betrayed by politicians that had pledged their love and fidelity.  Its monument was set up in Stare Bojanowo by Smigiel Council. Here the oldest surviving section of track was dismantled and buried deep in the ground.

We will always remember you.

The friends of the Smigiel Railway in Poland and abroad.

Sadly both Glos Wielkopolski and the Wielkopolska edition of Gazeta Wyborcza refused to publish the obituaries. So perhaps the death of communism in Poland has been celebrated too soon?

One Response to “Smigiel obituary censored!”

  1. Tim Says:

    An outrage to be sure! SHAME!

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