Smigiel Railway – inspection 17.09.11


Does a retired railway employee still cut the grass? Stare Bojanowo Wask waits patiently for its next train, but Smigiel Council has decided to abandon this section of line. Photo BTWT.

(All photos can be enlarged by clicking on the image.)

In order to save a small wayleave payment to PKP, Smigiel Council has abandoned the passenger main line beyond the semaphore signal and blocked the line to the PKP interchange on the right. Photo BTWT.

The new railhead – Stare Bojanowo Miasto. Photo BTWT.

Beyond the new railhead looking towards Smigiel. Is the track being used for grazing cattle? Photo BTWT.

The track is still visible here, SKPL had this section of track raised and relayed. Photo BTWT.

Looking back towards Stare Bojanowo, the track is overgrown beyond the bridge. Photo BTWT.

Would you guess that there is a railway under all that grass? Most of the line is heavily overgrown. Looking back towards Stare Bojanowo. Photo BTWT.

The same place looking towards Smigiel. Photo BTWT.

Thanks to the lobbying of SKPL and local management a new bridge was built here to accommodate the Smigiel by-pass across the railway. Photo BTWT.

Sadly Smigiel Council seems to have less interest in maintaining the integrity of the railway. Photo BTWT.

At Smigiel the Council carefully maintains the impression that nothing has changed since the line was run by SKPL. Photo BTWT.

Even the signs remain the same! Photo BTWT.

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