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End of season competition – part 2

Monday, 12 September 2011

From which film was this still taken?

Five of our readers correctly identified the last picture as a still from the 1937 British comedy Oh Mr Porter! This very funny film starring Will Hay, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt, and directed by Marcel Varnel, is Will Hay’s best movie.

The plot was inspired by Arnold Ridley’s 1923 play The Ghost Train and the principal characters in the film – Porter, Albert and Harbottle – were in turn to inspire Jimmy Perry to create the characters of Captain Mainwaring, Corporal Jones and Private Pike in one of the BBC TV’s best-loved sitcoms, Dad’s Army. The circle closed when in 1968 Arnold Ridley appeared as Private Charles Godfrey in Dad’s Army.

Alex Fitch, Mike Winslow, Jan Rapacz, Mike and Gavin Whitelaw submitted correct answers. Alex Fitch takes the point for being first to submit the correct answer.

Today’s still is a tad more difficult. The film it is taken from is another well-loved comedy. It is less well known by British railway enthusiasts but is highly regarded by cineastes. Some of its hero’s mannerism were then copied many years later by the principal character of a modern British TV comedy series who is as well known in Poland as he is in the UK.

Another scene from Oh Mr Porter (left to right) – Will Hay as William Porter, Graham Moffatt as Albert and Moore Marriott as Harbottle.

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