Smigiel railway dies, but slowly


The severed freight link. Photo Albert Mikolajczyk.

(Click the image to see the rest of Albert Mikolakczyk’s photographic survey of the current state of the Smigiel narrow gauge railway as posted on the discussion forum.)

Any hopes that the tide was turning for the Smigiel Railway (see John Savery’s recent post on BTWT) have been swept away by some recent posts on the on the discussion forum. The first of these posted on the 9 September was the program for the lines 111th birthday celebrations to take place on 25 September:

Family afternoon at the Smigiel narrow-gauge railwayThe event will take place on September 25, 2011
at the station in Smigiel – from 15:00 to 18:00.

The program includes:

Awarding honorary membership of the Society of
the Friends of the Smigiel Narrow Gauge Railway
Presentation of rolling stock
Performance by the band “Regent” from Czempin
An art contest for children and adults
A race for a “Railway friend” certificate
An exhibition of photographs
A visit to the workshops
Games, sports and recreation – a birthday cake

Any comment by BTWT would be entirely superfluous.

Even sadder are the photos posted by Albert Mikolajczyk of the ‘repair’ of the wooden bridge that used to straddle the erstwhile Krzywin branch at Stare Bojanowo. The new embankment cuts off the Smigiel Railway from the standard gauge interchange and kills off the possibility of any rail delivery of repaired locomotives and rolling stock.

Since the Mayor and Deputy Major have little interest in the line. I suggest sending angry letters to the Chairman of Smigiel Town Council. I will post the contact details tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Smigiel railway dies, but slowly”

  1. nanstallon Says:

    Yeah, must put this ‘event’ in my diary and book a flight! Comparing this with what I saw in October 2007 makes me want to weep.

  2. John Savery Says:

    The only comment I can place for the time being is “what a shambles”.

  3. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    The filling in of the cutting leading to the interchange area ends any chance of freight coming in from the standard gauge. It helps to explain why the transporters are up for sale. It’s not just an intention to rationalise the transporter fleet but as a result of a physical act to close that part of the railway dedicated to the movement of freight by rail. The best that can be hoped for now will be for the line to be operated as a seasonal tourist railway. However, the odds don’t look particularly good at the moment and I wouldn’t want to bet on it ever reopening back to Wielichowo. There’s not much “real” narrow gauge left in Poland now.

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