End of season competition


From which film was this still taken?

Our editors, who have been suffering from depression as a result of a never ending stream of bad news, have decided that it is time for some light-heated therapy. So, here is yet another competition. The first question is: From which film was this still – showing a locomotive being named – taken. To help our readers who hail from beyond the British Isles, and who may find some of the UK-made films a trifle obscure, some continental films have been included to help even their chances.

This competition works on a ‘first-come, first served’ basis. There will be about a dozen film stills. The person who is first to answer the greatest number of questions is the winner. If the winner gets more than 50% of the answers right there may be a prize; if not, Dyspozytor gets to keep the bottle of Zubrowka!

4 Responses to “End of season competition”

  1. Alex Fitch Says:

    “Oh Mr Porter” a WIll Hay classic! Can never tire of it.

  2. Mike winslow Says:

    Another easy film. Oh Mr. Porter, starring Will Hay. A naming ceremony of an A4, somewhere on the Great Southern Railway of Northern ireland. They don’t make films like that any more. Just as well really, no sex or violence.

  3. jan rapacz Says:

    This is a still from the comedy film “Oh, Mr. Porter!” made in 1937 staring Will Hay.

  4. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Oh Mr Porter

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