Poznan – 115 m PLN PST extension signed


Tram station at Dworzec Zachodni adjacent to the main line station – Poznan Glowny. Artist’s impression courtesy Urzad Miasta Poznania.

On Tuesday, 9 August a 115 m PLN contract for the extension of Poznan’s Szybki Tramwaj (PST) was signed between infrastructure company, EURO Poznan 2012, and the Krakow-based civil engineering contractor Grupa ZUE. The Mayor of Poznan, Miroslaw Kruszyński, attended the signing ceremony.

The 2 km extension will extend the grade separated ‘fast tram’ route from Most Teatralny to Dworzec Zachodni, allowing trams to by-pass the frequently congested crossroads along ul. Rosevelta at: ul Dabrowskiego, ul. Swiety Marcin and most Dworcowy.

The project was placed on the list of individual key projects of special importance for the development of the region by the Wielkopolska Provincial Government and will benefit from European Regional Development Fund assistance to the tune of 42 775 PLN.

Tram station behind the historic Dworzec Zachodni station buildings. Artist impression courtesy Urzad Miasta Poznania.

The route of the PST extension to Dworzec Zachodni. Map courtesy Urzad Miasta Poznania.

A ride in Poznan’s ‘fast tram’ from its northern terminus at the Jana III Sobieskiego housing estate to the link with the city’s street running tramways at Most Teatralny. YouTube video by motorniczy1989.

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