Railway Museum – here we go again!



The Railway Museum at the former Warszawa Glowna station sits on some prime real estate. Photo BTWT.

A few hours ago one of our friends received the following e-mail from Ewelina Matuszewska at the Warsaw Railway Museum. (BTWT translation of Polish original.)


In connection with the fact that PKP SA has issued a summons against the Railway Museum to terminate its occupation of the real estate and railway station buildings at Warsawa Glowna and ordered the Railway Museum to leave these within 7 days from legal validation of the documentation, please do not hesitate to support our institution by leaving your signature on the portal:



Ewelina Matuszewska
Promotion Department
Railway Museum

We were under the impression that PKP SA and the museum had agreed to give the museum three more years at its Warsaw location. Perhaps the museum has not been keeping up with its rent payments?


4 Responses to “Railway Museum – here we go again!”

  1. tim Says:

    And “we” spend so much on @#$%^ roads in this country..shame

  2. Trevor Says:

    You know, I always reckon that they should knock down the Tower of London. I mean, that is sitting on a piece of very prime real estate.

  3. Trevor Christopher Butcher Says:

    I stayed in a hotel right opposite the museum for most of a week this summer, but could not find the enthusiasm to visit. I don’t want to be treated like it was still 1975 – which is the standard Polish museum practice. I don’t want to see big nobs get their bottoms salivered while other people are ignored. And I certainly didn’t wish to see the manager once more trying to chat up my wife while ‘showing’ us the locomotives (because this time the only ‘bollacks’ in question would have been his after I kneed him). So I did other things instead. And they wonder why they have to go.

    • Dyspozytor Says:

      Whilst I would be the first to agree that the Warsaw Railway Museum needs dragging into the 21st century I have found most of the staff there to be courteous and helpful. There were two exceptions. One, I’m pleased to say has now left, the other is sitting tight till he can claim his full pension…

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