Return to Znin


2ft gauge, neatly trimmed hedges, a well-kempt platform, recently painted coaches… the scene could be North Wales. It is in fact the Znin District Railway just before the departure of the 14:40 to Gasawa on 13 July, 2011. Photo BTWT.

The head of the same train. The visit of a friend from my schoolboy volunteering days on the Talyllyn Railway provided a ready made excuse to revisit the Znin railway. Photo BTWT.

Echoes of Portmadoc, the sharp curve at the throat of Znin station. Photo BTWT.

We pass the 14:30 from Gasawa at Wenecja Museum. The Znin Railway runs two trains during the summer season. Photo BTWT.

The Polish curse – heritage steam locomotives stored in the open – at Wenecja Museum. My first visit here was in the 1970s! Photo BTWT.

The reconstructed Iron Age settlement at Biskupin is a powerful tourist magnet for the region. Photo BTWT.

An invitation to see the line’s solitary working steam engine, Px38 805, proved irresistible. Photo BTWT.

The railway links many local tourist attractions. A map put up by the Znin District Council and displayed outside the open air railway museum at Wenecja. Photo BTWT.

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  • Żnińska Kolej Powiatow – website

6 Responses to “Return to Znin”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    Splendid. I was there end of May. The museum in Wenecja has a Belgian Pacific steam locomotive for 600 mm gauge that was take out from her home country during WW2 together with four others.
    The sixt one was hidden away and is now saved by Steam Centre Maldegem (
    Does anybody have more information on what happened with the rest ?

  2. Dyspozytor Says:

    Congratulations on acquiring saving this wonderful locomotive at Maldegem!

    Like many narrow gauge enthusiasts I was aware of Cukrownia Chelmica 1 and that she had been built for the railway at Brussels World Expo in 1935. Prior to her withdrawal, the Chelmica locomotive was probably the world’s only operational 600mm gauge pacific. I had no idea that she had a sister locomotive.

    Best wishes with the restoration project. How about making it an international EU-assisted project and teaming up with the Wenecja museum and Znin railway to restore the Polish loco at the same time!

  3. Rik Degruyter Says:

    I like the EU cooperation idea ! We just have to look to the appropriate program. Can anybody provide me the name of EU funding programs applicable to this (Polish) area ?

  4. John Says:

    Any tips on visiting ? Bus from Poznan is best to Znin ? Any B&B advice ?

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