Passenger services return to Srem…


just for a day.

SKPL 401Da-216 0-6-0D shunter backs on its train at Czempin on 11 June 2011. Photo Albert Mikolajczyk, SKPL.

Saturday 11 June saw passenger services returning for one day to the Czempin – Srem line on the occasion of the Dni Srema festival.

The train consisted of  two, 2-coach articulated double-decker sets painted in heritage dark olive green. Photo Albert Mikolajczyk, SKPL.

The one-day operation was a joint between Przewozy Regionalne – who provided the rolling stock – and SKPL – who provided the locomotive and driver.

The line runs mostly along the main road although – as above – there are some very attractive scenic sections. Photo Albert Mikolajczyk, SKPL.

The day’s operation received financial support from Srem Town Council.

This rural scene level crossing usually only sees a daily freight train. Photo Albert Mikolajczyk, SKPL.

SKPL ran 4 trains each way between Czempin and Srem.

SKPL 401Da-216 and train run literally through the station master’s garden at Szoldry. Photo Albert Mikolajczyk, SKPL.

The first train left Czempin at 07:35 and included a number of stops to allow railway enthusiasts to take pictures.

The semaphore signals are still in situ at Grabianowo, although they have been unused since PKP suspended services on the line. Photo Albert Mikolajczyk, SKPL.

As well as the 07:35 three other trains left Czempin, at 10:30, 13:05 and 15:30; returning at 10:20,


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