Wagon shortages hit international services


Electronic destination board on a coach making up part of the Jan Kiepura train in March 2011. Photo BTWT.

Until now the shortage of passenger coaches ‘in ticket’ has been inconveniencing PKP Intercity’s domestic passengers, but now IC’s troubles are now seriously effecting IC’s international trains.

Advance booking facilities have been withdrawn for journeys after 24 July on the BWE 40, 42, 44 and 46 trains running between Warsaw and Berlin and the prestigious EN 436 Jan Kiepura service between Warsaw and Amsterdam. In addition advance booking facilities have been withdrawn for journeys after 31 July on trains to Austria (EC 103 Polonia Warsaw – Villach; EC 105 Sobieski Warsaw – Vienna). A similar fate has fallen on passengers intending to travel to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria (EC 110 Praha Warsaw – Prague / Budapest; 407 Chopin Warsaw – Vienna / Budapest / Prague / Burgas).

In addition there will be no advance booking facility on 23 July on EC 248 Wawel running between Krakow and Berlin and on 24 July running between Krakow and Lueneberg. Finally between 4 – 29 July trains 35/36 Krakow – Lwow – Krakow have been suspended altogether.

If PKP IC is prepared to treat its international passengers in such a cavalier fashion one seriously doubts the wisdom of the Polish government backing its planned ā‚¬665 million purchase of the Pendolino train sets.

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