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Jarocin – Open Day

Monday, 6 June 2011

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We have been asked by the Towarzystwo Kolei Wielkopolski to give a plug for their first open day on 11 June and we are delighted to do so.  This will be the first time that members of the public will be able to visit the old Jarocin steam shed since PKP Cargo moved out.  During the day the shed will service the steam locomotive hauling the Ziemianin railtour. The train will be visiting Jarocin on its way around Wielkopolska. The steam engine is expected to arrive on shed at approximately 11:55.  This will be the first time that a steam locomotive has moved under its own power into the shed for many years.  The train, which starts at Poznan, is due to arrive in Jarocin at 11:46 and depart for Krotoszyn and Krobia at 13:20.

We are impressed that the organisers are targeting the event as a good day out for the whole family. As well much to see of railway interest there will also be a bouncy castle and trampolines for children. Other Polish railway societies please note.