Ozorkow siding


Part of web page advertising the Ozorkow siding

(Click on the image above to see the whole advertisement on the Prometeon website.)

Hardly had ‘the ink dried’ on my last posting describing the view from the window of a train arriving at Ozorkow, when I was sent a link to an advertisement looking for an enterprise willing to take over the disused siding to the industrial complex at Ozorkow.

How refreshing that the landowner is thinking of restoring the siding to working order, rather than ripping up the rails and covering up the holes with concrete!

3 Responses to “Ozorkow siding”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Hopefully my basically having no Polish, will excuse this from being a “dim” question: is the general drift got from the advertisement, that taking over and restoring the siding is being seen in a context of bringing it back into commercial use; or of preservation; or of “either or both”?

  2. damgirlphotoblog Says:


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