Going, going…


The last 60 seconds of the journey of the 13:22 ex Kutno to Lodz Kaliska before it stops at Ozorkow station. Video BTWT.

Can you spot the overgrown trackbed of the Krosniewice Narrow Gauge Railway? The rails are still there under the grass.

The same section of line as shown on Open Street Map.

(An Open Street Map zoomable ‘slippy’ map of Ozorkow and the surrounding countryside can be seen by clicking on the map.)

The large chimney seen in the far distance in the video is part of an industrial complex dating back to before WW I. Standard gauge rail access was by a siding which left the main line – at a point clearly seen in the clip – and then crossed the narrow gauge line on the level before turning sharply to the East near the level crossing keeper’s hut. Though disused and overgrown, most of the siding remains in situ. Its route is shown on Google Maps.

One Response to “Going, going…”

  1. Jacek Says:

    Wspomnienie: Krośniewice – Ozorków – 2008

    Filmik jest zmontowaną kombinacją nagrań z przejazdu specjalnego na długiej trasie Krośniewice – Ozorków

    Można go tu osadzić.. jak pasuje do tematu. [długi: 22 min!]

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