Pyskowice alert



The cast iron window frame smashed by PKP contractors. Photo Arkadiusz Niedzwied.

TOZK, the railway preservation society who run the Skansen based at Pykowice and PKP SA have had an uneasy cease fire while the society try to persuade PKP to give them an affordable long-term agreement to use the former locomotive depot and carriage shed. Meanwhile PKP have been trying to get the depot buildings removed from the register of historic monuments so that they can proceed to demolish the remains of the old round house.

The bulldozer track leading to the window. Photo Arkadiusz Niedzwied.

Now it seems that PKP have upped the anti by hiring a subcontractor to remove the remains of the collapsed roof which lies within the shell of the old roundhouse. Unfortunately the first move of the subcontractor was to rip out a cast iron window frame and part of a wall in order to gain access to the interior of the shed. TOZK members reacted immediately to the damage which occurred last Monday morning by alerting the authorities in Wroclaw and Warsaw about the damage to the fabric of the historic building.

BTWT readers can help TOZK by writing to Rafal Jurkowlaniec, the Chief Executive of the Dolny Slask provincial government, urging him to prepare a long-term plan with PKP and TOKZ to save the depot and the historic collection of rolling stock which is gathered there. The address to write to is:

Rafal Jurkowlaniec
Marszalek Wojewodztwa Dolnoslaskiego
Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Dolnosląskiego
Wybrzeze Slowackiego 12-14
50-411 Wroclaw


tel: + 48 71 776-90-17; f
fax: +48 71 341-81-48

Adam Matusiewicz
Marszalek Wojewodztwa Slaskiego
Urząd Marszalkowski
ul. Ligonia 46
40-037 Katowice

tel. +48 (32) 20 78 290 ext. 290

One Response to “Pyskowice alert”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Pyskowice is in Slaskie Voivodship but not in Dolnosląskie Voivodship. Please improve this mistake.

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