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The posting schedule on Behind The Water Tower has been abysmal lately. A combination of too much travel, too many projects to juggle, a broken tooth and the progressive general decay of your Editor played havoc with the best intentions in the world.

The good news is that I have upgraded my IT which should mean less time looking at ‘washing machines’ spinning while my ancient Mac tries to render photos to our house style format and also give me, for the first time, access to the Internet while travelling. The bad news is that (a) all this new technology will have to be paid for; and (b) there will be a learning curve to climb, and that will eat up more time.

I hope to mitigate the effect of (a) by launching an on-line appeal, although that will have to wait until I can find out why PayPal blacklisted me last time I tried something similar. I’m not so sure that (b) can be solved so easily. I seem to be permanently short of time nowadays, which makes me the principal bottleneck in the BTWT production process.

Perhaps one of our regular correspondents would like to take on the job of Deputy Editor?


For the days when BTWT does not appear, here is some recommended reading. I have not included many excellent publications written in Polish. Reader’s additions to this list (particularly those written in English and dealing with Polish or Central European railways) would be very welcome. Please use the comments facility at the end of this list.

Reading list

Railway Gazette

– a good world view written by railway professionals

Modern Railways

– some excellent analysis of why things are the way they are

Railway Eye

– best UK rail blog

Heritage Railway

– pure nostalgia from the days you could travel to anywhere in Britain by rail and her railways were the best in the world.

One Response to “Some recommended reading”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    “Today’s Railways [Europe] “. British publication, appears monthly. Good coverage of current rail happenings in Western and Eastern Europe. Re Poland, has news, and sometimes more, in virtually every issue.

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