Post Fedecrail conference add-on tour.


The route of the post Fedecrail Conference add-on tour.

(Though, because of the limitations of Google Maps this map  shows the road route, nearly all the study tour travelling will in fact be by rail – first class where available.)

Our friends in the British-Polish Railway and Industrial Heritage Partnership have put together a study tour for members of Fedecrail, the body that represents the interests of Museum and Tourist railways at a European level. The tour will take place from 13 to 18 April. There are three places left over for BTWT readers who would like to join the trip.

Railway and industrial heritage locations to be visited include: the Krolowa Luiza coalmine in Zabrze, the Bytom Section of the Upper Silesian narrow gauge railway, the PSMK roundhouse and rolling stock collection at Skierniewice, the Rogow narrow gauge railway and rolling stock collection, Lodz-Lutomersk inter-urban tramway, the Kalisz narrow gauge railway and the Poznan-Wolsztyn steam service. Overnight accommodation has been arranged in 3 star hotels in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Lodz and Poznan.

The cost of the 4 full day package is 3,300 PLN. For those who are already familiar with the Poznan – Wolsztyn steam service it is possible to finish the tour a day earlier. The cost of 4 full day package is 3050 PLN. Because the tour takes place immediately after the Fedecrail AGM and Conference in Dresden, the tour starts at Dresden. For those who do not want to start the tour at Dresden, but wish to make their own way to Wroclaw Station for Wednesday evening, their will be a small rebate.

The full itinerary and a booking form can be downloaded from the links below:

One Response to “Post Fedecrail conference add-on tour.”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    I will be in Dresden for the Fedecrail Conference and ahead of that I will revisit Berlin, that I only can remember from the 1970’s.

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