SKPL take over power station siding


Industrial sidings in Kalisz. Map by Google Maps.

Kalisz boasted two major industrial sidings. The first, to the north of the Lodz – Ostrow Wielkopolski main line once served a brickworks and the aeronautical factory now owned by Pratt and Whitney. This is now disused with the connection to the main line taken out. (It is worth noting  that private sidings and industrial railways in Poland attract local taxes while private roads do not.) The other siding – to the East of the main line – is operational and serves Kalisz power station and district heating plant.

From today, SKPL has taken over responsibility for the operation of the power station siding. At 01:00 hrs. this morning a CTL coal train arrived at the interchange siding. Within an hour 8 coal trucks had been shunted to the power station unloading point, By 02:20 the interchange siding had been cleared and the CTL loco released to continue its journey to Ostrow Wielkopolski.

This development is another step on the gradual transformation of SKPL from enthusiast-based heritage line operator to ‘short-line’ operator on the north American model.


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