Whispers and rumours


Here are some recent stories that have reached the ears of our editorial team. They may have not all been checked for accuracy. If you do find out that the facts are different, please let BTWT and our readers know.


Parowozjazda Gala, Chabowka, July 2006. Photo BTWT.

The Chabowka Skansen may not have a long-term future. Although the Malopolska Provincial Government had expressed an interest in taking over the skansen from PKP Cargo, the takeover was contingent upon PKP being able to sort out the property titles. It seems that part of the skansen stands on land seized by the Germans from local landowners during WWII, which will make it very difficult for PKP SA to establish its legal title to the land on which the skansen stands. Without title deeds in good order the provisional government is not interested in taking over the skansen.

Czarna Bialostocka

45 minute run speeded up to 10 minutes. Video horsespoland.

This delightful forestry line at Czarna Białostocka has had long-running problems with one of its local authorities. The chairman of the Forest Railway Foundation is privately saying that it matters do not improve the members of the Foundation will seriously consider relocating their collection of 600 mm rolling stock to another site.

Krosniewice Railway

Krosniewice coal yard, December 2006. Photo BTWT.

The Krosniewice Railway continues to deteriorate in the not-so-safe hands of Barbara Herman, the Mayor of Krosniewice. Machine tools have been stripped from the workshops and the lifting barriers, which in PKP days guarded the level crossings in Krosniewice, had been cut up for scrap.


Milicz Railway October 2003. Photo Neo[EZN]

(Click image to see original and for details of licensing.)

It seems that there may be more to the skansen at Milicz than we reported in our recent article. Apparently the collection of suitable rolling stock is only a first stage. The local council is intending to restore its section of the Wroclaw narrow gauge railway and operate it as a tourist attraction.

Mlawa Railway

Px48 dumped at Mlawa. Photo U.M. Mlawa.

The future of the Mlawa Railway is in doubt following the collapse of a 26 million EU-assisted restoration programme. The money had been reserved by the Mazowieckie Provincial Government as part of its tourism development programme. The funding was dependent upon the local authorities, through whose territories the line runs, coming up with 3 million zloty funding. Sadly though the local authorities had signed up to the plan in principle, none were prepared to back up their declaration with cash.

Piaseczno Railway

Jerzy Chmielewski’s obituary notice on Piaseczno Railway website.

(Click to go to the Piaseczno Railway website.)

Jerzy Chiemielewski, the chairman of the Piaseczno Railway’s supporters’ association died on February 2. Jerzy had little time for democracy or consultation and there were frequent arguments with supporters in the line’s early days. Yet Jerzy had powerful political connections dating back to the communist era and he used these to good effect to advance the cause of the railway. He will be best remembered for bringing Px48-3917 to Piaseczno. The locomotive was constructed by Interlock from three other locomotives and rebuilt in the railway’s workshops at Piaseczno.

Smigiel Railway

Dark days ahead for the Smigiel Railway, May 2009. Photo BTWT.

There has been no sign as yet of the local authority taking any steps to open the railway for the 2011 season.

2 Responses to “Whispers and rumours”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    I have read this message on the Chabówka website :

    W efekcie wdrożenia przez PKP CARGO S.A. kolejnego procesu restrukturyzacji Spółki, Skansen w Chabówce stał się Sekcją Utrzymania i Napraw Taboru Zabytkowego w Śląsko – Dąbrowskim Zakładzie Spółki. Tak więc od 1 stycznia 2011 roku, pytania dotyczące działalności Skansenu, jego oferty dotyczącej uruchamiania pociągów retro i wynajmu historycznego należy kierować na adres: PKP CARGO S.A. Śląsko – Dąbrowski Zakład Spółki
    ul. Św. Huberta 11
    40-542 Katowice.

  2. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    It does look as though the plans for Milicz are more ambitious than putting a few railway exhibits on display alongside a footpath/cycleway that uses the route of the disused line. Acquiring 3 Romanian coaches, a Polish one and a WLs 150 in addition to the MBxd1 seems a little excessive for a static display. Someone has got to be trying to get some of the railway operational again. However, it is a bit of a worry if the stock is going to be parked in the open. Unless provision is made for repainting, maintenance and security it will not be long before items start to suffer badly.

    The future of MBxd1-168 is of particular concern. At Krosniewice it was stored under cover. It is a pity that MBxd1-201 couldn’t have been obtained from Gniezno. It doesn’t seem to be doing much there and at least did work for a time on the Wrocław narrow gauge system. MBxd1-168 seems to have been very unusual in that it spent its whole working life at Krosniewice. It is accepted that the future for the railway at Krosniewice is not looking particularly promising and MBxd1-168 may have had to leave anyway in order to secure its survival. However, I’m not convinced that Milicz is going to offer a viable long term future for it. If people are serious about building a railway there they need to find a weatherproof and secure shed to store the equipment. If an ex railway building is not available the construction of storage shed should be very high on the list of things to do.

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