Lost LAS


A Polish narrow gauge 0-6-0T LAS locomotive looking somewhat lost in Steeple Claydon, Buckinghamshire. Photo R~P~M, via Flickr. (CC) Some rights reserved.

(Click on the image to see the rest of R~P~M’s photographs on Flickr. Click here for details of licensing.)

I was Googling through the Internet looking for a photograph of Moel Tryfan (the locomotive, not the mountain) when I found a suitable picture in the  photographic collection on Flickr of R P Marks. However, I found much more than I was looking for. There, in a leafy Buckinghamshire glade, a LAS 0-6-0T was winking at me with one of its rear spectacle plates missing.

How did it get there? What gauge is it? Where is it now? Is it for sale? I have no idea. But what a wonderful restoration project it would make particularly if, after being restored to working order, it could be brought back to its native land.

A word of warning should you be tempted to explore the world as seen through the camera of R P Marks – his photographs are amazingly evocative and there are a lot of them. Once I had started looking at his pictures I was hooked and stayed up half the night!




2 Responses to “Lost LAS”

  1. warwickian Says:

    It would appear to be in someone’s garden or driveway – it shows up clearly on Google Streetview! (West Street, Steeple Claydon). Big Brother does have it’s advantages!

  2. Alex Fitch Says:

    That’s not a million miles from Leighton Buzzard.

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