The Russian Way


Construction of a new Children’s Railway in St Petersburg. Photo Александр GM.

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These photos will make many of my Polish narrow gauge railway friends green with jealousy. Many Russian children’s railways have closed, but a brand new line is being constructed in St Peterburg’s. Note the concrete sleepered permanent way, colour light signals and the posts, presumably intended for lighting rather than overhead power supply!

Immaculately restored diesel locomotive TU2-167 “Pegasus” with its train at the new depot. Photo Адмирал.

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The TU2 diesels are rather long in the tooth, but this one has been restored to ‘ex works’ condition.

The first track panel in place, May 2009. Photo ASR82.

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Laying track directly on sand may accord with full-size practice, but is hardly ‘best practice’.

A close up of the panel. Photo ASR82.

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It seems that the new 7km line is replacing an older children’s railway in St Peterburg. The St Petersburg line is not the only Russian children’s railway to be using concrete sleepers; the Moscow Pioneer Railway was rebuilt in 2005 using concrete sleepers. Clearly the training of a new generation of railwaymen is being taken very seriously indeed.


2 Responses to “The Russian Way”

  1. John Ball Says:

    Children’s railways are one of the things that the Communists got right; it’s good to see that this concept has survived.

  2. macminer Says:

    Impressed with TU2 locomotive.

    Please send me more TU2 information.

    best regards


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