The grass is always greener…


The monogram of Juliusz Kindermann and the date of building of his ‘Cotton Goods Factory’ in Lodz. Today the factory is a listed building has become the ‘Hotel Focus’. Part of Kindermann’s mansion – which is next door to the factory – houses the ‘Keja’ pub. From a photograph by fotobolas.

(Click image to see the original photograph and other photographs of the building on the Lodz okiem przechodnia blog.)

I was having supper last night in the Hotel Focus in Lodz with an eminent British railway heritage conservationist when our conversation turned to the scrapping of Ol49-32 in Gniezno last Tuesday.

What we need in Poland, I opined, is a body like the one that operates in the UK designating certain railway objects as part of the nation’s railway heritage that must be preserved.

Like the Railway Heritage Committee? queried my dining partner.

Exactly! That’s the one, I answered.

The Railway Heritage Committee will be sentenced to death on Tuesday! I was told. Too astonished for words, I pressed my informant for more. Click the link below to read the whole sorry story.


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