Ol49-32 scrapped at Gniezno yesterday


by John Savery

Ol49-32 awaits it fate at Gniezno on 20.9.2010.
Photo John Savery.

I have just read (on Tomislaw Czarnecki’s site) that the scrapping of Ol49-32 at Gniezno has been going on today.

The attached shows the state of the loco on 20 September – not a pretty sight, but no worse than some Barry wrecks that have been restored to working order. Nevertheless, there are plenty more locos in Poland with uncertain futures, and whilst I am not condoning the scrapping, saving key components )such as axles and frames) for other locos would surely have been a logical step?

An immaculately turned out Ol49-32 working in Wolsztyn in 1992. Video

2 Responses to “Ol49-32 scrapped at Gniezno yesterday”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Apparently the society at Wolsztyn TPWP were not even interested in saving ANYTHING from this engine. Given the perilous state of the frames of some of the Wolsztyn Ol49s surely this may have been a good option.

    The trouble with Polish railway preservation is that there are too many small societies with a handful of individuals all pulling in different directions.

    As can be seen from previous discussions Polish politicians either cannot make decisions (Wolsztyn and the prevaricating over the new regime to take over the shed), have other Agendas (Smiegel, where the mayor steadfastly refuses to contemplate anything that will help save the railway to BENEFIT the town), or are just plainly corrupt (and I am not mentioning anywhere here, you can make your own mind up based on previous reports on this blog).

    I fear for the future of Polish steam given that Cargo cannot even roster a steam locomotive to RELIABLY run the Wolsztyn-Poznan service as they have pared maintenance to less than a bare minimum and once again the locomotive Ol49-7 is under repair. Due to its condition it ran the morning train to Poznan on Monday, but the afternoon train was diesel hauled as it has been since. This has been an ongoing problem for months now and the locomotives are in an appalling state. (I thought the Pm was the spare engine and I have no idea why it hasn’t been used unless IT is broken as well. The Pt is away at Leszno for repairs – again – joining the long queue there of Wolsztyn locos that are awaiting work to be finished on them)

    Poland COULD have a really nice museum/running depot at Wolsztyn BUT the money that the Wolsztyn Province POUR into the depot (and I worked it out that at 3,000,000zl a year they are subsidising EVERY steam hauled train to the tune of £900) seems to being spirited away into the black hole of CARGO’s finances. If this money was available and USED to maintain/run the steam service then the locomotives would be in a far better state and the visitors to the region (who to be fair come mainly to see steam) would still come.

    As it is, would you take the Wolsztyn lottery and come if there is a more than likely chance that the steam will be cold in the shed under repair?

    Someone needs to take a long hard look at Wolsztyn and realise that something needs to be done and done soon or it will go…

  2. Trevor Butcher Says:

    OK, now for the dumb question – why does everyone wait for some level of government to do something. Oh, sorry, stock answer I always get ‘well, we are not used to it, we were brought up under socialism and people got used to centralized decisions’

    So why is it I can’t move for new cars and apartments? Can’t see any central planning there.

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