TLK portal reappears!


One of the pages of the new TLK portal page.

(Click image to go to the TLK portal home page.)

Several hours after our post reporting the demise of the Tanie Lnie Kolejowe portal, the website magically reappeared. The new website looks very much like a ‘work in progress’. Clicking on any of the coloured tickets on the carousel leads to a ‘Page not found‘ landing page. The item at the top of the latest news column announces that any passenger can send in comments regarding the latest PKP IC timetable with a deadline for submissions of 30 September. Perhaps someone on the bridge of the great ship PKP IC saw our last article and ordered the website reinstated ‘ready or not?

One Response to “TLK portal reappears!”

  1. Podroznik Says:

    This is actually how the web site has appeared since it appeared in Dec. 2009. There are many strange features in addition to the non-working links to coloured tickets, some of the highlights being:

    • the “buy an e-ticket” (kup e-bilet) link. (you can’t buy an e-ticket for a TLK train)
    • the links to ‘music with a train in the background’ on the right. Clicking one takes you away to YouTube. I clicked on the link for Kiss-I Was Made For Loving You – didn’t see any train there.
    • the rather useless photo gallery, ending with ‘Valentine’s Day with TLK’

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