PKP IC dumps TLK website


Internet archive of the PKP IC TLK website.

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It is the rats who first know when a ship is doomed, their desperate scurrying ashore a sure sign that it is time to leave the ship.

Oh, I thought I heard the Ol’ Man say,
Leave her, Johnny, Leave her!
Tomorrow ye will get your pay,
An it’s time for us to leave her.

From Leave her Johnny as collected by Stan Hughill

So it is with corporations, as the debts mount up faster than the cash rolls in, little signs appear that all is not well in the bilges – various operations are abandoned as outside suppliers loose patience with unpaid bills…

On 9 October, PKP IC’s Tanie Linie Kolejowe website,, vanished. There was no announcement, no page saying, You are being redirected to the main PKP IC website, nothing! The TLK website came on-line in Autumn 2005. It started off well –  kolorowe bilety promotions, a manager’s blog…  By 2007 there were 29 pages. But then the website started a decline and only 6 pages were maintained in 2010.

Of the kolorowe bilety (6 or 7 types were originally envisaged), we have only the purple and blue (and perhaps the grey?). There were some greens, at some point, I think, but the other colours never materialized. We never saw Orange, Red, or Fuks – travel on any TLK route you want for only 20 zl. The manager’s blog never had more than one entry…

With thanks to podroznik for today’s story.

3 Responses to “PKP IC dumps TLK website”

  1. Podroznik Says:

    And despite the “English” and “Deutsch” tabs on the main PKP IC site, clicking on these takes you to a “page doesn’t exist” message. At one time there was some basic English-language content, but it disappeared about 2 years ago.

  2. Podroznik Says:

    Amazingly – the TLK portal ( is back today!

    Influence of BTWT?

    Someone paid the bill?

    There are two types of “colorful tickets” on the site (blue and violet). Clicking on green or gray on the front page takes you to a “Page not found” warning….

  3. Trevor Says:

    Do you think the manager’s blog never had more than one entry because one entry covered their repertoire? :)

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