18 killed in minibus accident


Volkswagen Transporter head to head with Volvo truck.
Photo Lukasz Wojcik, Echodnia.pl

(Click on the image to go to a comprehensive series of reports on the accident on Echo Dnia website. The reports are in Polish, but can be turned into reasonable English by pasting their URLs into Google Translate.)

18 people travelling to work in a Volkswagen Transporter van lost their lives as the result of a head on collision between their vehicle and a Volvo articulated truck at 06:18 on Tuesday. The accident happened on the outskirts of Nowe Miasto nad Pilica on the 707 road leading to Rawa Mazowiecka. It appears that the driver of the Volkswagen was attempting to overtake a Scania ready-mix concrete lorry. It was dark and there was a thick fog. The driver of the Scania stopped to see what had happened and then drove away from the accident scene before the police arrived.

The police and emergency services were summoned by the driver of the Volvo, who survived the accident. 16 people were killed outright, two others died in hospital. The Volkswagen Transporter van was variously reported as being fitted with 4 or 6 seats. It appears that the majority of the passengers – seasonal workers travelling to pick apples – were seated on wooden boxes or planks. Neither the driver nor his vehicle were licensed to carry fare paying passengers.

One Response to “18 killed in minibus accident”

  1. Trevor Says:

    I remember some ass in a carpark trying to force his way in front of me, nearly knocking someone over, and when I got out and remonstrated he was quite affronted and told me ‘But I have a driving licence!’

    I get tired of the tears after the fact, I want to see at least better policing before the fact, more awareness that it is not the other person’s fault, and that a licence/certificate/diploma is not the same things as skill or ability in practice, in any field.

    I want to see more ‘szok’ before, not waiting for an after.

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