Sign requesting Hanoi residents not to build anything less than 5.6 metres from the outer edge of the rail. From a photo ©Florian Grupp.

(Click image to see all the pictures of Hanoi posted by Florian Grupp on the Drehscheibe Online forum.)

BTWT rarely strays East of Moscow, although there are occasions where the story is so extraordinary that we venture further afield. Florian Grupp has posted some amazing pictures of the railway line leading to the main line station in Hanoi. Is this the only place in the world where a railway leads a Jekyll and Hyde existence – main line railway one minute, busy alleyway the next?

There are more of Florian Grupp’s photos on Flickr:

2 Responses to “Hanoi”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Some “you see it, but you don’t believe it” scenes depicted, for sure. Pictures seen do come to mind, of situations in other places, of railways — including lines of importance — doubling as intensively used thoroughfares / steet markets. A particular tendency IIRC, elsewhere in South-East Asia (Indonesia for one), and Latin America.

    I recall accounts of the latter days of the Surabaya steam tram (which admittedly by then ran a sparse — pretty well “token” — service), when operating of the booked workings was often pretty well impossible, because of numerous market stalls set up right on the track.

    I rather like the Vietnamese word for railway station, being “Ga” — no doubt borrowed from the language of the one-time French colonial masters.

  2. John Ball Says:

    Perhaps easier to ‘sell’ to a tolerant, but non fanatical, wife is the Soller Tramway on Majorca. The tram goes right across the town square and past market stalls on market day – the highlight of my family holiday some years ago!

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