Zbiersk – Opatowek special


Special train on the Kalisz narrow gauge railway on 2 October 2010. Photo Kajetan Orlinski.

(Click image to view original on the World Rail Photo website.)

Saturday’s special train on the Kalisz narrow gauge railway gives me an excuse to review and link to some interesting Polish websites that I thought BTWT readers might enjoy. For those of you who are not fluent in Polish and who have not yet discovered the delights of Google Translate here is some magic which will turn Polish websites into websites with reasonable English. Simply cut or copy the URL (web address) at the end of each paragraph. Now go to Google Translate. You will find a link at the top of our Blogroll in the column to the right of this article and another at the very bottom of this post. Next paste the URL into the box provided and set Google Translate to translate from Polish to English, and Bob’s your uncle!

First of all, the World Rail Photo website from which today’s header photograph was taken. Here there are some suberb photographs. Poland’s contemporary narrow gauge railway scene – interspersed with a few photographs of some lines that are no longer in operation – is excellently illustrated. The photographs and a special train in Sompolno station yard in April 1999 and the farewell train in March 2003 to the sugar refinery in Tuczno are especially poignant –


Secondly, the ok-kolej.pl portal which was the organiser of Saturday’s special trip. The portal links to quite a few photographs of the Kalisz Raiway. You will find a mass of information about railways in the area around Sieradz and also in southern Wielkopolska on their website –


The gallery contains a rather nice picture of the special train near Petryki station

Thirdly, the Ogolnopolska Galeria Kolejowa which contains some brilliant photographs, both narrow gauge and standard gauge –


The narrow gauge section is a delight, while the Galeria contains one of the neatest photos of the special.

Fourthly, Galeria Milosnikow Fotografownia Kolei whose tenth photographic expedition provided the excuse if any was needed for ok-kolej.pl to organise the special train. Suprisingly their were only a few photos of the group’s adventures on the Kalisz Railway on their website –


Last, but not least, the personal website of Kajetan Orlinski, the photographer who took today’s header photograph. This is a website for those who delight in motive power. Here there are engines large and small, private and state-owned. His gallery of photos taken on the slag heaps of Huta Miedz Legnica are amazing. The rest of his collection of photos will repay careful viewing as well –


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