Tomasz Wach


From left to right – The founders of the Association of Polish Railway Enthusiasts (PSMK) – Tomasz Wach, Andrzej Paszke, Andrzej Brzozowski, Tadeusz Dabrowski are told by Elzbieta Dziewulska (City of Warsaw) that the registration of the association has been accepted by the city authorities, October 1987. Photo Teresa Brzozowska, PSMK archives.

(Click image above to see the original photograph on the PSMK website.)

On 22 September, Poland lost one of its pioneering railway photographers and activists. Tomasz Wach was a railway photographer at a time when it was very difficult to take photographs of Polish railway locomotives. Indeed the official photographer of the Warsaw Railway Museum had once spent a night in police cells just for doing his job! Wach had a great interest in Polish narrow gauge railways and his earliest pictures document them in at work well before the rot set in.

Many of Wach’s best photographs can be seen on-line on the Wciaz pod Para website maintained by Tomislaw Czarnecki. He had a particular affection for Poland’s narrow gauge railways, both the public lines run by PKP and the lines run by the sugar beet factories. His death has attracted tributes from Poland’s narrow gauge, standard gauge and railway modelling, enthusiast fraternities.

Tomasz Wach’s funeral takes place tomorrow (Tuesday 28 September) at 13.30 in the Dominikan Abbey church in Sluzew, ul. Dominikanska 2, 02-741 Warszawa.

Tomasz Wach’s legacy, one of the photographs taken by him in the 1960s. 750mm gauge 0-6-0T, Ty1-1096, shunts at Gdansk Waskotorowy in 1963.

(Click on the image to see this and other Tomasz Wach photographs hosted on the Wciaz pod Para website.)

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2 Responses to “Tomasz Wach”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Wondrous pictures. Why couldn’t I have been born in Poland, and a few years earlier? – though as indicated: this was fun for which, there-and-then, one paid dearly.

    R.I.P. TW – may you find that there is gricing in heaven – for sure, no shortage of congenial companions there, with which to share it.

  2. Model Railways Fan Says:

    Good to see those old railway photos. I’ve been involved in model railways for two decades now. I like finding sites like this one that I never discovered before. I get really involved in the hobby and my wife always knows where to find me, but my model train layout keeps me young and out of trouble.

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