See IK No. 54 at InnoTrans


Royal Saxon State Railways IK class No. 54 in Naundorf in June 2010. Photo Wassen.

(Click image above to see a full screen image. Click this link to view an even larger image and details of licensing on Wikipedia Commons.)

Germany is building some superb new steam engines. The focus for this work is the Meiningen Locomotive Works in Thuringia. The Meiningen Works became famous in the English-speaking world after constructing an all-welded steel boiler for new-build A1 Peppercorn pacific Tornado, although the works had been in the business of carrying out major repairs to Germany’s heritage steam locomotive fleet for some time. Indeed the works have just completed a major rebuild of streamlined pacific BR 18.201, currently being billed as the fastest operational steam locomotive in the world.

We have already described the building of 99.2324-4 for the 900mm gauge Mecklenburgische Baderbahn. Now this weekend (25 – 26 September) the ‘public days’ of  the InnoTrans, transport technology trade fair in Berlin provide an opportunity to see, on stand FA15, the latest locomotive assembled at Meiningen – a brand new 750 mm gauge Saxon Railways IK class locomotive. No. 54 was built during 2006 -2009 as an initiative by the Saxon Metal and Electrical Industries Association. Association members provided donations in kind and cash to the value of some 1.5 million euro.

The first IK class locomotive was built in 1881. The locomotives had a wheelbase of only 1.8 metres, outside Allan link motion and were driven on the third axle. Altogether 44 locomotives were built. They could be seen on nearly all the Saxon narrow gauge railways, though gradually they were displaced to working lines with only light traffic. After WWII, two survived in Poland working the rump of the Zittau-Hermsdorf Railway before that line closed. Other members of the class worked industrial lines in Germany. The last locomotive worked at the Eisenwerke Smiedeberg until 1964 when it was withdrawn and scrapped.

Now, thanks to the Saxon Metal and Electrical Industries Association, the IK class lives again. How about a similar collaborative effort by the Railway Industry Associations of Germany and Poland to restore Ty2-5680?

2 Responses to “See IK No. 54 at InnoTrans”

  1. Michael Dembinski Says:

    Tomasz Wach, who died earlier this week:

    Worth a tribute piece?

    • Dyspozytor Says:

      Certainly. I know the photographs of course, they regularly come up in Google searches, but I knew not the man. I will try to find out more and publish an appropriate piece.

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