Ty2-5680 scrapping suspended


Some autumn sunshine for Ty2-5680. Note missing connecting rods. Photo Rynek Kolei.

(Click on picture to see more photos of the move of Ty2-5680 on the Rynek Kolejowy website.)

I have just learned from unofficial sources that DB Schenker Rail Polska and KEM Sp. z o.o. have by mutual agreement cancelled the sale of Ty2-5680. The ‘kriegslok’ remains the property of DB Schenker Rail Polska and the remainder of its move to the KEM works has been cancelled. The engine will stay at the company’s locomotive shed at Szczakowa-Jęzor until a long-term decision is made about its future. DB Schenker Rail Polska are expected to issue an official statement soon.

The change of mind by DB Schenker is the result of an emergency lobbying campaign by railway enthusiasts in Poland and abroad. The campaign was coordinated by Robert Dylewski of Fundacja Era Parowozow. If not for Robert’s hard work, the locomotive would by now be facing the oxy-acetylene torch in the scrap siding of KEM Sp. z o.o. I would like to thank all our readers who took part in our letter writing campaign and also our friends in Lok Report who were kind enough to translate our appeal into German and publish it on their website.



2 Responses to “Ty2-5680 scrapping suspended”

  1. David Mummery Says:

    Bravo! A victory for common sense and direct action. Thank you.

  2. Brian Rogers Says:

    Well done to DBS for keeping this locomotive and let’s hope that it never goes for scrap. It would be a shame to lose big mammoth of this size.

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