‘Save Katowice station’ – demo


Katowice Station’s ‘iconic’ roof.

On August 30 a group of young people gathered at Katowice station to protest about PKPs plans to redevelop the station. We hope we can save the station, said Ester Solinska, one of the organisers of the demo.

‘Save the historic station’ demo. Video Dziennik Zachodni.

Now I am a great fan of local initiatives and in my dark and distant past have organised quite a few campaigns and even saved a station or two, but I must admit that I wonder at what the real motives of the organisers in this case are. Setting aside that the 1970s built Katowice station is really ugly, its ‘iconic’ pillars were built at a time when the substitution of poor quality materials was normal practice on PKP construction projects and it is highly probable that by now they are at the end of their useful lives. However what’s this? PKP is proposing to remake the pillars and incorporate them in its new design!

Architect’s visualisation of the new station. Video PKP and Neinver.

So what on earth was this demo about? Any way here is an idea for PKP. Why not demolish the 1970s station completely and commercially develop the whole site. With the profits buy back and refurbish the old 1906 station. Now there is a building really worth saving!

‘Kattowitz Hauptbahnhof’ pre WW II.
Photo Katowice City Council archives.

(Click image to see original on Wikipedia.)

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2 Responses to “‘Save Katowice station’ – demo”

  1. Podroznik Says:

    I personally quite like the new design, especially the integration of “old” with the new.

  2. Adam Sobolak Says:

    In our age of heightened sensitivity towards Cold War Modernism (and especially, increasingly, among the young, as you point out), to blithely brush off the now-gone 70s edifice as “ugly” on behalf of resurrecting the 1906 design (Yeah, it’s nice; but it’s even more “gone”, get over it.) is to Polish preservation and urbanism as the Kaczynski twins are/were to Polish politics. Just reminding you.

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