Lodz TP buys GT6 trams from Grudziaz


Ex Mannheim Düwag GT6 in Grudziaz. Video Lokleitung.

Grudziaz (pop. 96,000) is the smallest town in Poland to have retained its tram system – an 18.6km metre gauge network consisting of three lines. Trams originally came to Grudziaz in 1885 and the system was electrified in May 1899. The future of the system seems to be assured. In December 2009, A consortium of ZNTK Minsk Mazowiecki and PESA won a 6.4 million PLN tender to modernise 6 Konstal 805Na motor units. The municipal transport company, MZK Grudziądz, has also bought 10 Düwag GT8s at 140,000 PLN each from Krefeld. 8 GT8s have already been delivered. Curiously, the GT8s will not be replacing paired Konstal 805a and 805b units, but ex Mannheim GT6s. However, Grudziaz’s loss will be Lodz’s gain. Inter urban operator Tramwaje Podmiejskie which runs service 43 from Stoki in Lodz to the market square in Lutomiersk has bought 6 ex Mannheim GT6 cars from MZK Grudziaz at 40,000 PLN a piece.


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2 Responses to “Lodz TP buys GT6 trams from Grudziaz”

  1. Marta Ratajszczak Says:

    Isn’t Gorzów Wielkopolski smaller than Grudziaz?

    • Dyspozytor Says:

      Gorzow Wielkopolski has 125,000 residents and (based on its population) is the 31st largest town in Poland.

      Gudziaz with a population of 99,000 is in 40th position.

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