Chabowka – take 2


Chabowka 0-6-0T Tkh49-1 performing for the cameras.
Photo ©Robert Dylewski.

Some excellent photographs of Parowozjada have appeared on the web which gives us an excuse to return to the subject of PKP Cargo’s ‘secret’ steam gala. If only the powers that be cared to give more notice of the event – what crowds there would be!

Our first link takes us to the portfolio of Robert Dylewski whose pictures featured in our first report of the event. Robert points out that with both of Wolsztyn’s Ol49s and Pm36-2 Piekna Helena laid up awaiting repairs the Gala featured all 5 of Poland’s working standard gauge steam locomotives! The second link takes us to the forum and some magnificent photos of the photostop specials by ‘528177’



One Response to “Chabowka – take 2”

  1. Trevor Says:


    And encourage swarms of mucky small people?

    Anyway, the important big people who needed to know were undoubtedly informed, nothing and no one else is important!



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