Steam line to Brodnica


The first tourist train returns from Golub Dobrzyn to Torun on 26 September 2009. Video by wojt682.

On 1 September “Rynek Kolejowy” reported that the Office of the Chief Executive of Kujawy-Pomeranian province have accepted an 312,000 PLN offer from PKP Cargo to supply one OL49 steam locomotive, one SM41 locomotive and four vintage carriages. The rolling stock is intended to operate tourist trains from Torun to Brodnica via the line that branches off the Torun – Choinice main line at Kowalowo Pomorskie and runs through the erstwhile junction at Golub Dobrzyn.

A total of 3.8 million PLN is being reserved for the purchase and repair of the engines and rolling stock. The purchase is the first stage of a 10 million PLN EU-assisted project to develop the line as a tourist attraction. The project is being managed by a consortium of local authorities lead by Kujawy-Pomeranian province.

The Kowalewo Pomoskie – Brodnica branch. Map Railmap – kolejowa mapa Polski.

(Click map to access Railmap.)



8 Responses to “Steam line to Brodnica”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    So where are Cargo going to get a working Ol49 from seeing as they cannot provide enough working locos for Wolsztyn?

    Will be interesting to see if this actually goes ahead. Where will the steam crews come from given that steam has gone from Torun for over 10 and possibly as much as 20 years!

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Has Brodnica any tourist-interesting attractions itself? It gets no mention at all in the Lonely Planet Poland guide – not that that guide is particularly good re anything other than the more prominent usual tourist traps. (It does give Wolsztyn steam a couple of paragraphs.)

    The only non-railway connection in which I’m aware of ever having seen a reference to Brodnica, is its mention by Solzhenitsyn as being on the route by which he was conducted from East Prussia to Moscow in early 1945, after his arrest for anti-Soviet activities.

    • Dyspozytor Says:

      According to the Town Council website – Brodnica is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland that spreads on the Vistula River in the north-eastern part of the Kujawy and Pomerania voivodeship.

      There is also a disused sugar beet railway (marked as a dotted green line on the map).

      The Council has made a promotional film about the town from which it would appear as in Trumpton the Mayor is particularly proud of his brass band.

  3. Podroznik Says:

    As I understand it, the main point of the service is to provide access to Golub-Dobrzyn, where there is a castle of the Teutonic Knights. I suppose if it takes off it will help Torun tourism as well – something added to do while visiting.

  4. Robert Hall Says:

    Am annoyingly frequent situation with me – my computer doesn’t want to give access to the Brodnica links.

    I find that I owe The Lonely Planet Guide a bit of an apology: I have seen that it gives Golub-Dobrzyn a brief mention, basically about the castle.

    The tourist-trains project sounds intriguing; but as GW says, whence the working order of the steam motive power, and the expertise to handle it?

  5. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Apparently there is a plinthed Ol49 at Torun… in reasonable condition.

  6. warwickian Says:

    That would be this one then…

  7. Rik Degruyter Says:

    If this Province can set up a 10 million PLN development plan towards a working tourist railway, what are they waiting for in Wolsztyn ???

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