Rain dampens Parowozjada


Chabowka engine Ol12-7 (former Austrian Railways 429.195). Photo ©Robert Dylewski.

Chabowka engines, Ty2-953 in front and Tkt48-191 at rear haul three coaches of the MAV-nosztalgia vintage train from Chabowka station to Chabowka Skansen. Photo ©Robert Dylewski.

Obscure Polish game involving Pt47-65, a fireman’s shovel and some coloured balloons. Experienced players heat the shovel. Photo ©Robert Dylewski.

The annual Parowozjada steam gala, which was held last weekend, was a bit of damp squib. Rain, and the very short notice at which the event was announced, kept away the crowds. The key local government decision makers, on whom the future of the Chabowka Skansen depends, were conspicuous by their absence.

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2 Responses to “Rain dampens Parowozjada”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    Due to the short notice I could not attend. My apologies!

  2. warwickian Says:

    I have to say, that despite the weather, I had a fantastic time. Due to the confirmed lack of steam in Wolsztyn, I diverted across Poland to Chabowka for the weekend.

    A very big thank you to Marek Cieselski for sorting out the accomodation, and to Michal “Doktor” Pawelczyk, and the rest of the TPWP guys (and gals) for accomodating me.

    Despite a late arrival on Friday night (courtesy of a very late running EIC into Krakow from Wroclaw) I still made it on board the first train of the morning to Dobra. Taking advice from Michael Dembinski’s W-wa Jezorki blog, (another Thank You) I was next to the smoke box of the Tkt (running bunker first) on the way up to Dobra, and in the back coach on the way back down again. The sight, and sound of the Tkt climbing up a steeper, more windy, and definitely more scenic version of the Lickey is something that will stay with me for a very long time.

    Sunday morning was an even earlier start, and despite not having a reservation for the event, the TPWP guys managed to get me onboard the freight charter, as one of their own members had pulled out of the trip. Fantastic watching a 2-10-0 climb through the mountains with a freight behind it – if only it were a regular train.

    I could have stayed on for the passenger charter, but instead made my way back to Chabowka (courtesy of the crew of the Ty2). You can get 8 on the footplate of a Ty2 and still fire it apparently! I’m just glad it wasn’t me with the shovel! An overnight stop in Krakow, followed by the morning TLK up to a very wet Lodz, rounded off a busy but enjoyable weekend.

    For those not aware, TPWP are running a train from Wolsztyn to Nowa Sol on Saturday 11 September. Details are on their website (tpwp.pl)

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