MPK Krakow completes EU projects for 300m PLN


Promotional video for MPK Krakow by WYG International

MPK Krakow, the municipal transport operator in Krakow, is celebrating the successful completion of an EU project worth 300 million PLN. The project, ‘Integrated Public Transport in the Krakow Conurbation’, has helped MPK to build a bus station at Krowodrza Gorka, modernise the track from the Kamienna loop to Krowodrza Gorka, and purchase new trams. The EU conrtribution came from the EU Structural Fund Programme Infrastructure and the Environment.

Now a further 185 million PLN project has been signed of which will allow the construction of a new tram line to the roundabout at ul. Grzegorzeckiego Street to Golikowka, with the construction of a 1 km length of a new street, ul. Kuklinski, the rebuilding of ul. Dluga and the purchase of 24 low-floor 32m long air-conditioned ‘Flexicity’ trams from Bombadier.

Perhaps MPK Krakow show consider hiring out some of its EU funding specialists to clear up the mess at PKP PLK?

EU8N tram built by MPK Krakow from Vienna E6 and C6 components

While MPK Krakow have exhibited considerable skill in coping with the complex demands of EU project,s their own engineering department have shown considerable skill in creating a new tram from recycled tram components. MPK Krakow and Wiener Linien have been cooperating for many years and Vienna E1 and C3 cars have been running in the city since 2003. In 2009 MPK bought a Vienna E6 motor unit and C6 driving trailer. The cars used to rum on the Vienna semi-metro in a E6+C6+C6+E6 formation. A new low body passenger section to sit between a E6 and a C6 unit was manufactured by Polish bus body company, Autosan S.A. of Sanok. The two ex Vienna vehicles were specially adapted to accept the new articulated section and extensive trials were held in 2009 and 2010. The new vehicle, classed EU8N, proved a great success and was officially presented to the public on 18 June 2010 during the 135 anniversary celebrations of municipal transport in Krakow. MPK Krakow have bought 25 E6 and C6 pairs from which they plan to build 25 EU8N vehicles.


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One Response to “MPK Krakow completes EU projects for 300m PLN”

  1. island1 Says:

    I’m deeply heartened by these renovations to the tram lines; it’s the mark of a city truly committed to the future of public transport. The re-laying of the tramlines along ul. Długa was a major undertaking, but it has also extended to ul. Dunajewskiego and ul. Franciszkanska. Massive concrete footing are being laid along the whole route that, presumably, will serve for decades. See this Polandian post for some pictures of the works.

    I also like the new trams. They are thoroughly modern but don’t have aggressively modern styling. The only odd thing about them is that they have doors on both sides, which wastes some space.

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