Parowozjada 2010


Last of its kind, Tr12-25 at Parowozjada 2006 in Rabka Zaryte. Photo BTWT.

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This year’s Parowozjada, the annual steam gala organised by the Cracow division of PKP Cargo, will take place in the Chabowka ‘skansen’ on the weekend of 28 and 29 August. As well as the Chabowka engines, there will be a couple of international guest locos and 4-6-2 Pm36-2 and 2-8-2 Pt47-65 are booked to attend from Wolsztyn. Although all the main events will be taking place within the confines of the depot, there will be plenty of steam specials running to provide excellent photo opportunities for the most avid railway photographer.

On Saturday 28 August the following specials will be running:

Tkt48-191 Ty2-953 Ol12-7
Chabowka 07:20 07:20 17:30
Rabka Zaryte 07:36 17:45
Dobra k. Limanowa 08:39
Dobra k. Limanowa 08:55
Rabka Zaryte 09:59 18:05
Zakopane 08:43
Zakopane 09:25
Chabowka 10:14 11:06 18:20

On Sunday 29 August the following steam special will run:

Chabowka 11:41
Zakopane 13:13
Zakopane 14:28
Chabowka 16:17

We understand that tickets will be sold on board these trains on a ‘first come, first served basis’ and that no seat reservations are available.

In addition two vintage train steam photostop specials will run on Sunday 29 August hauled by Ty2-911 and Tkt48-191. Tickets for these are strictly limited and must be reserved before hand by e-mailing

The above programme is liable to change and you are recommended to check the Chabowka website for a complete and up-to-date list of events.


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6 Responses to “Parowozjada 2010”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    So, PKP Cargo spend NOTHING on maintaining the locos at Wolsztyn and then have the temerity to take both serviceable locomotives (and I use that term with sarcasm) for their hastily arranged beano for the bosses at Chabowka. Leaving the normal advertised steam hauled service as diesel hauled for the two or three days involved. (I know that Chabowka provide locos for Wolsztyn’s gala in May but Chabowka does not run service trains.) I would like to see something similar happening to the service my depot runs for London Transport. “Oh yes Mr W, we are taking all your serviceable 92 stock units and you can run the battery engineering trains for the day”

    If I was the person paying the subsidy for steam the Wielkapolska region do then I would not be happy that ALL the money appears to be disappearing into the black hole of Cargo’s finances yet they take the glory for running steam when it suits them.

    I will be at Wolszty that weekend and await Howard’s comments with interest!

  2. warwickian Says:

    With a very vested interest, I am waiting to see how this one pans out. Ol49-7 is still not operational, (I believe that the superheater header was sent to Pila for repair recently) and the only two other operational locos are both due to go down to Chabowka.

    I am also in Wolsztyn that weekend, as a WE customer, for the Saturday and Sunday. If Cargo do decide to send all available engines to Chabowka, then they really are biting both hands that feeds them – WE and the Wielkopolska provincial government.

    With an availability rate of roughly 70% for the “daily” Poznan services, Cargo seem to be doing all they can to make the steam hauled service as unreliable as they can, and drive away as many tourists as possible. The site’s forum contains a very vexed posting from a group of German tourists that visited recently, only to see more diesel than steam.

  3. Rik Degruyter Says:

    I do agree with the comments above but the Chabowka crews and management have always been very friendly to me and the Tatra mountains scenery is most impressive. They cannot help what is happening in Wolsztyn, of course.

    This year the Parowozjada was really announced to late for me and I am not prepared to drive 1,450 km and back to board maybe one steam locomotive for a round trip to Zakopane. It will be enjoyable to dine on the Golden Arrow train on the Bluebell Railway, which I have booked for my 60th birthday!

    Back to Wolsztyn; with crews and work force rapidly disappearing to retirement if not to eternity (may God bless them) the future is far from bright. The engines are becoming more like running scrap than real steam locos. I certainly believe in the efforts of Howard and Co but still how long will it last? Would it be possible to bring the Wolsztyn Preservation Society to life? Is anybody exploring the funding possibilities? Can a permission be obtained from PKP Cargo and Wielkopolska to restore/maintain at least one locomotive for a start?

    Any suggestions?

  4. BillC Says:

    Yesterday, I returned from my first visit to Wolsztyn this year. I usually go 4 or 5 times a year but because of commitments here in the UK it simply hasn’t been possible this year.

    Our Ryannair flight (£25 – well it was August! I’ve never paid more than £10 each way before) arrived at Poznan 20 minutes early. The best rate I found from the Kantors at the station (there are 5 there now) was 4.81zl for £1). On the journey down to Wolzstyn a newly married Bride and Groom were waiting at Szeniawa to be photographed as we waited for the DMU from Wolsztyn to pass. Four enthusiasts in a car followed us the whole way, popping up in the most unlikely places to take photos. At the Kaukaska we were welcomed as long lost friends and a single room there including breakfast at £25 a night is a bargain. The food and welcome at Powozownia where we invariably eat was as good as ever, and the railway enthusiasts easily outnumbered outnumbered the locals every evening. The 50 minute vintage tram ride from ul. Gajowa in Poznan which can just be squeezed in in between the afternoon steam services at 4zl was as enjoyable as ever. All the shops in Wolsztyn had sales on… in the middle of August!!

    And what did PKP do? They dug out the dirtiest, most decrepit pair of double decker coaches for the Wosztyn steam service they could possibly find. It really makes you wonder if they are in any way committed to honour their side of the bargain with the Wielkopolska Provincial Government and Wolsztyn Experience.

  5. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    I am across that weekend in Wolsztyn as well. Will be VERY interesting to see what Howard pulls out of the hat given he has paying guests. I am across purely for a visit and to get away from Broken Britain for a couple of days – no footplating planned or expected. My next visit after this on the following weekend will be for 10 days with my own steam powered transport on a trailer so I don’t have to rely on PKP Cargo!

  6. warwickian Says:

    Looks as though Pm36-2 will not be attending after all. They cannot get hold of a spring for the loco in time, so it’s just Pt47-65 and coaches going from Wolsztyn.

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