Fast lane


Art installation in Berlin

Least readers think after reading the last post that I’m an old fashioned dinosaur who cannot keep up with the pace of modern life, here is a temporary art installation on the Berlin Metro that I thoroughly approve of. Just imagine what this idea could do for the Wasaw Metro or London Underground?

Yes, I know it’s only a Volkswagen ad. But that doesn’t stop it being a brilliant idea!

With a hat tip to Going Underground’s blog.

One Response to “Fast lane”

  1. warwickian Says:

    Fascinating. I think there are definite merits worth looking at in this unique solution for quickening passenger transit times at underground stations. I’m sure Boris would love the idea on the underground. It would be ideal on the deep tube lines – just think – Covent Garden could have it’s own helter skelter down the emergency exit stairs. ;-)

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