Railway Museum dispute continues


A development vision prepared for the Railway Museum in Warsaw. Sketches Chief Executive’s Office Government of Mazowse Province.

The dispute between PKP SA and the Railway Museum in Warsaw continues. A short-term deal has been agreed allowing the museum to remain on its current site adjacent to ul. Towarowa for another three years. The museum has lost its rent free status and is obliged to pay rent for its occupancy of the site – though not at the level originally demanded by the landowners, PKP SA.

The dispute concerns the long-term location of the museum. PKP SA want the entire former Warszawa Glowna station site cleared for development and have suggested a number of alternate locations both within and outwith Warsaw’s city limits. The museum’s management team want to remain on the existing site.

In order to convince PKP SA’s estate department that the development of the land and the development of the museum could go hand in hand on the existing site the Museum authorities have commissioned a design team to prepare some visualisations of what such a hybrid development could look like. But the railway company’s estate team are far from convinced and a spokesman pointed out that the PKP SA is sticking to its demand that the museum vacates the Warsawa Glowna site by 2013.

It seems that PKP SA’s estates chief Pawel Olczyk and Railway Museum director, Ferdynand Ruszczyc, are playing a game of musical chairs with both bosses counting on the fact that nether will be in post when the 2013 deadline expires. A deal to secure the long-term future of Poland’s de facto national railway museum will require courage and out-of-the-box thinking from all concerned. Until that happens the future of the museum and its priceless collection will remain in jeopardy.


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One Response to “Railway Museum dispute continues”

  1. Podroznik Says:

    It’s just so cool that they’re going to have an Illinois Central GP11 in the museum. Has the loan already been arranged with the Monticello Railway Musceum in Illinois?


    And it looks there will be dual-guage track to set that White Pass & Yukon GE on!

    I’m impressed!

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