Warsaw’s railway stations


Warsaw’s Powisle Station. Photo Owen Hathersley.

(Click on the image to read Owen Hatherley’s critique of Warsaw’s railway stations.)

I have always regarded Warsaw’s railway stations as worthy of nothing but cold contempt – fading examples of communist triumphalism left over from the days when a passenger was regarded as an unfortunate accretion. So it is a shock to read an article about Warsaw’s railway stations where the author actually likes what he sees.

Owen Hatherley’s Polish history is a little flakey, elsewhere he describes the Armia Krajowa as the nationalist resistance force that opposed the establishment of semi-colonial Stalinism after 1944. Accordingly, the state from the ’40s to ’80s didn’t know quite what to do with them, alternately suppressing and immortalising its memory, according to the political needs of the day. However, as regards modern architecture Hatherley is first rate. Are Warsaw’s railway stations worthy of preservation? Read his article and decide for yourself.

(Oh I nearly forgot, a hat tip to Mike Dembinski’s W-wa Jeziorki blog for the links.)


One Response to “Warsaw’s railway stations”

  1. Adam Sobolak Says:

    Though to be fair, in order to understand where Hatherley is coming from, you really have to have an inherent taste and sympathy and openness t/w *all* such Cold War modernism, communistic *or* capitalistic in origin. Which, actually, in our days of Ostalgie and all of that, isn’t such a bad thing to have–or at least, to thoughtfully appreciate this fare should be no more “shocking” than to thoughtfully appreciate, say, Boston City Hall, or various works of Brutalist Britain that Hatherley’s fond of embracing…

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