Last rites at Swiecie


Roman Ratajczak removes rail screws at Swiecie station, May 2010
Photo Andrzej Bartniak, Gazeta Pomorska

(Click image to see original on the website of Gazeta Pomorska.)

Track lifting has started at Swiecie station on the short branch line from Terespol Pomorski to Swiecie nad Wisla. The station site at Swiecie has been bought by Swiecie Town Council for 2 million PLN in order to build a car park and a new road.

The branch line to Swiecie nad Wisla.
Background map ©Google. Railway map ©PPWK, Kolejowa Mapa Polski.

One Response to “Last rites at Swiecie”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    It’s always sad to see any line go out of service and be abandoned and dismantled. I take it that the Terespol Pom. – Swiecie branch, though having lost its passenger services in the 1990s, had remained in use for freight until recently. It used to be the eastern end of the long branch-line route running eastwards from Zlotow near Pila (PKP passenger timetable 436).

    This area of Poland (the one-time “Corridor”, and German territory till post-World War 1) seems formerly to have been rich in short terminal standard-gauge branches off main lines, some anyway one-time German private lines. I remember reading that one such branch was in German days and perhaps subsequently, an independent isolated electric line (de-electrified by Poland at some time after 1918): Wabrzezno (main line) to Wabrzezno Miasto, 3 km, I suspect, though don’t recall for sure.

    Such branches seemed mostly to retain passenger services (usually more frequent than the PKP rural-local-line norm), until the big branch-line purge of the early 1990s; and some at any rate, lasted longer for freight. As we have heard in the past couple of years, the Twarda Gora – Nowe branch in this ‘cluster’ had a possibility a while ago, of being revived / taken over for freight, by SKPL; though nothing in fact came of that plan. And Lok Report for March 2009 tells of the Wabrzezno branch (as above) being still being used by PKP Cargo freight trains, operating only at night!

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