Px48-1907 steams again!


Px48-1907 in ex-works condition at Nowy Dwor Gdanski, 25.5.2010.
From a photo by Feyg.

(Click on image to go to the Zulawska Kolej Dojazdowa thread on the Wolne Forum Gdansk to see more pictures of Px48-1907 by Feyg.)

The last time I saw Px48-1907 (in 1999 or thereabouts) the engine was behind a high wire fence in a coal yard in Sompolno – the central depot of the erstwhile Kujawy Railways. Sompolno was still a junction and judging by the shape of the undergrowth occasional trains still pushed their way through the jungle up the line to Piotrkow Kujawski.

At the time there was a proposal by one of the local authorities to take over the central section of the Kujawy Railways and run it in the manner of the Gniezno and Krosniewice sections, but the local authorities could not agree about local tax liabilities and nothing happened. Then scrap thieves reduced Sompolno Depot to a hollow shell, PKP lifted the line to Piotrkow Kujawki and Px48-1907 became a ‘Wild West’ exhibit in a restaurant in Chlapowo.

Px49-1907 was built in Chrzanow in 1955 and during the next 50 years seems to have worked on many of the 750 mm gauge narrow gauge railways featured on BTWT. It was based at times in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Krosniewice, Elk, Sompolno, and Sroda Wielkopolska. At the end of 2007 it arrived at the works of PUP Interlok Spolka z o.o. Here it vanished for three years and many Polish railway enthusiasts imagined that the next time the engine would be seen it would probably be in Germany, Holland or Switzerland…

However, on 19 May this year the engine appeared on a flat wagon at Nowy Dwor Gdanski on the Zulawy Railway and on 25 May was steamed and cautiously run around the yard. The events were gloriously recorded by Feyg whose photographs of both events can be enjoyed by clicking on the header photograph.


2 Responses to “Px48-1907 steams again!”

  1. john Nielsen Says:

    So nice, very nice. It is a beautiful restoration, it is a very god job they made in Pila. I am so glad that another Px48 is in steam in Poland. I really like this little rough type of engine. I still have the original plates of Px48-1756 that I boughtat Sroda in 1998 from an engine driver.
    I have seen this engine many times in steam at Sroda. Nice machine.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Now, if only Wolsztyn looked after their engines like this or even if they just came back from the works like that!!

    If they can do it with a Px48 then it should be possible with an Ol49 and MAYBE then they would be a tad more reliable than they are at the moment!!

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