Naleczow Railway slowly awakes


Naleczow yard, April 2010. Photo Grzegorz Sykut.

The future of the Naleczow Railway is looking brighter than it has done in years with news that a second EU project for the line has been approved in principle. In February, we reported that the Opole District Council’s Nadwislanska Kolej Waskotorowa project had been approved in principle for EU funding. The snag was that much of this project consisted of ‘soft’ funds which could only be spent on publicity and promotion, although the restoration of certain station buildings was included in its scope. The latest news regarding the project is that documents authorising its start are now ready for signature and that a second project has been approved in principle by the Lublin provincial government. This time the objective of the project will be restore track and rolling stock as well as more station buildings.

It is reported that after considering the offers of two external organisations, the district council has decided to go it alone and form its own operating company to run the line. The Starosta (Chief Executive) of the district council has expressed the hope that services could start as early as June this year. However, bearing in mind the need to carry out essential repairs to the track and to have the line certified as safe, it would be more realistic to expect a section of line to reopen no earlier than Q.3 2010, though Q.2 2011 is probably a more realistic estimate.

A small team of volunteers has been working on the line and also keeping its memory alive by publishing articles in the local press. Recently they cut down the bushes covering the track in the foreground of our header picture and last year they gave the shed doors at Karczmiska a much needed coat of paint. They are appealing for donations of paint (black and grey) as well as weedkiller. Please contact Grzegorz Sykut on gsykut[at] if you can help.

A volunteer paints the shed doors at Karczmiska in 2009.
Photo Grzegorz Sykut.

One Response to “Naleczow Railway slowly awakes”

  1. grzegorz_sykut Says:

    I’m still waiting for contact with people who can help us in our work. We need paint and tools to repair our coaches and stations. I cannot believe that nobody out there is willing help us.

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