Gora – Bojanowo fights for its future


Special train and the line’s supporters, 15:.05.2010.
Photo Gorow District Council.

(Click on image to see more photos of on the Gorow District Council website.)

Poland’s General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) has begun formal proceedings to close the railway line between Bojanowo and Gora Slaska. The line which still carries a regular freight service lies in the way of the route of the new S5 trunk road. Rather than face the expense of constructing a bridge over the line, the GDDKiA believe it could save itself the cost if the line was closed.

The line closure is being opposed by the Gorow District Council and Irena Krzyskievicz, the Mayor of Gora. Some 10 businesses in the area rely on the line’s freight services and there are discussions under way with the provincial government about restoring passenger services using a diesel railcar. On May 15, the Wroclaw Railway Enthusiasts Club organised a special train on the line to publicise the fight for its survival.

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