PKP EC IC disgrace


Passengers in the PKP IC EuroCity train from Villach to Warsaw.

(Click on the thumbnail to read the original article (in Polsh) on

Nothing illustrates better the disease that has gripped Poland’s railways than the story published yesterday on about the experiences of travellers from Austria to Poland on board the Polonia EuroCity express. The train was packed full of returning Poles as well as visitors to Poland. Just before the Czech Republic – Poland border, two carriages were detached and passengers continued their nightmare journey packed tight like sardines, many standing in the corridor or sitting on the floor. Faces with complaints from angry passengers, the guard told them that they should have travelled by car!

Vandalised PKP IC coach compartment. Photo Pawcio.

(Click image to see more pictures of the devastated carriages on the discussion forum.)

Meanwhile a contributor to the discussion forum reports that many PKP IC carriages – including those that shows signs of recent repairs – have been dumped in a siding in Cracow where they are being stripped by vandals and scrap thieves.

Why are these carriages rotting in sidings rather than running in trains? PKP IC like Przewozy Regionalne is in financial difficulties. Track access charges are calculated on the basis of distance travelled and the number of axles in a train. Shorter trains mean lower charges…

A hat tip to Podroznik for both stories.

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