Steam returns to Poznan


OL49-59 and passenger train, Poznan 15 April, 2010.
Photo ©Marek Ciesielski.

After a 10 day hiatus team hauled services returned to the Wolsztyn – Poznan route yesterday. The interruption of steam services since Easter Monday disappointed thousands of tourists, hit the revenue streams of both Przewozy Regionalne and PKP Cargo and damaged the image of Poland’s railways both at home and abroad. The steam hauled services between Wolsztyn and Poznan are subsidised by the Wielkopolska provincial government and a penalty clause comes into operation when the steam trains do not run.

After the steam famine, a feast! Yesterday three engines were in steam at Wolsztyn! Ol49-7 which hauled the morning turns, Ol49-59 which hauled the afternoon train and Tr5-65 which is due to have an inspection regarding the extension of its ticket today.

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