Wolsztyn – Curiouser and curiouser…


Ol49-59 having its ashpan cleaned, March 2009. Photo John Savery.

Today’s trips between Wolsztyn and Poznan that were booked for steam haulage are again being diesel-hauled. It seems that the various stakeholders all have different explanations why this is the case. Poznan’s Radio Merkury interviewed Andrzej Jablonski, a Director of the Wielkopolska Division of PKP Cargo. Jablonski explained that Cargo had not been paid for the provision of steam locomotives during March and that, although a locomotive remained in steam, it would not be allowed to run until the appropriate payment had been made. Michal Lipinski from Prewozy Regionalne’s press office in Warsaw countered that all the requisite payments had been made and only an administrative hitch – the need to sign a new agreement – prevented the steam trains from running. Wojciech Jankowiak, the Deputy Governor of Wielkopolska, pointed out that the provincial government is subsidizing the steam-hauled services to the tune of some 3 million PLN each year. He is looking forward to the day when Wolsztyn and its engines will be taken over by a new company where the Wielkopolsk regional government will have a majority stake.

Meanwhile Wolsztyn Experience has a group of guests that have come from specially to Poland for the week in order to ride the footplate of steam engine hauling a regular service train…

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One Response to “Wolsztyn – Curiouser and curiouser…”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    With the PARADA coming up this is very sad news ! Playing games is the last thing we wanted to see. It is more than time that Wielkopolski Koleje Regionalne takes over.

    In the mean time can I suggest to take the opportunity to start with a preservation society in support of the paid staff ? Volunteers can do a lot of extra work to develop Wolsztyn depot rather than run it down to its very last limits.

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