Wolsztyn – a new beginning?


Parade of steam locomotives at the Wolsztyn Gala on 2 May 2009
Photo BTWT.

The Wielkopolska provincial governor’s office confirmed today that talks are under way with PKP with a view to both parties setting up a special company to manage Wolsztyn shed. Other local authorities, at district and municipal level would also participate in the project. PKP would contribute rolling stock, buildings and land worth some 5 m zloty and it is hoped that the smaller local authorities between them could raise a similar amount in cash.

Wojciech Jankowiak, the Deputy Governor, is adamant that he does not want to create another ‘skansen’ full of dead locomotives. The objective is to future-proof Wolsztyn shed and the trains hauled by its steam locomotives.

While the objectives of saving Wolsztyn for posterity are certainly admirable, it is by no means certain that if a deal is concluded the PKP SA main board will meekly sign the agreement. Following the criticisms meted out by the National Audit Offices in the report of its investigation into the PKP group, the board may think again before handing over its assets to another organisation. Nevertheless we live in hope!

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