100 mph white elephant



On Sunday 7, March the Pesa EMUs ED74-013 and ED74-008 coupled together were tested at up to 160 km/h (100 mph) between Warsaw and Konin. The EMUs stand side by side with a Siemens Eurosprinter-hauled train at Konin Station. Photo PN via infokolej.blog.onet.pl.

(Click image to see the original blog entry (Polish) on infokolej.blog.onet.pl)

While the Pesa ED 74 EMUs are shown off by PKP Intercity as the last word in passenger comfort, they are universally hated by frequent travellers and the train crews. Faults include: very uncomfortable seating which is absolute murder for anyone with a bad back, regular failures with the electronically controlled air conditioning and toilets. Particularly galling is the fact that although millions of euros of EU funds were spent on acquiring the EMUs and upgrading the Lodz Widzew to Skierniewice railway where they run – they are throttled back to a maximum of 129 km/h and the 90 minutes that they take to complete the journey from Lodz is no better than achieved by the fastest trains before WW II!

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